More About Shelf

Commodity businesses are a difficult environment due to their cyclic nature, Shelf has successfully navigated these waters for more than 13 years.

We have not only survived, but thrived. How? Our corporate culture, business relationships, and technical expertise.

Shelf maintains the highest level of professionalism and seeks similar qualities in its partnerships.

  • Shelf operates solely on dry land within onshore areas of South Louisiana.
  • Shelf places emphasis on being a highly cost-conscious operator.
  • Shelf is selective with selecting new projects: At one point Shelf reviewed over 140 submittals before making its next acquisition.
  • Shelf is flexible with opportunities reviewed and pursued, this includes field and individual well acquisitions, new prospects, and operations.
  • Every Shelf staff member averages 35+ years of experience.
  • In 2021, Shelf successfully acquired 10 wells in 6 new fields: South Bell City, East Bell City, North Crowley, Northwest Lake Boeuf, North Cankton, Shutteston.
  • Shelf carries no debt and operates within cash flow.
  • Shelf operates the majority of its production.

Shelf Energy LLC is open to listening to a wide range of proposals and scale, involving joint ventures, partnerships, etc. Please contact Shelf Energy, LLC if you are interested in purchasing production.